Which Studio 7Yoga Membership?

Are you considering a membership at Studio 7Yoga? Maybe you are contemplating which Membership option is right for you, or wondering if the monthly expense is worth it? Time and money can be precious commodities in this ever pricey world we live in. Our health – physical, mental, emotional, and social – is just as precious!

At Studio 7Yoga we have a few options to fit your preference and lifestyle. Barre Only, Yoga Only and Yoga & Barre Unlimited Memberships, are a 3 month minimum auto pay, and allow you the flexibility and freedom to choose only the classes that interest you!

Unsure that you are ready for a Membership? We also have Drop-in, 5 Class Pass and 10 Class Pass options available as well.

With multiple and diverse class offerings, we offer many different types of value. Whatever you decide, we look forward to seeing you again in our studios very soon!


Barre Only Memberships

Monthly unlimited classes

Yoga Only Memberships

Monthly unlimited classes

Yoga & Barre Membership

Monthly unlimited classes


Drop-in any class for only $17

Military Drop-in

Proof of Service required please

75-Minute Private Session

Specifically designed for you


Military Drop-in / $10

You may know someone who has served in the military in some capacity. Whether we have loved or been loved by, shed a tear over or sent a much appreciated care package to someone in the military… At Studio 7Yoga we offer a $10 Drop-in for any class, to anyone person serving or who has previously served in the military.

75-Minute Private Session – $70

Personalized Yoga or Barre private session for one (1), specifically designed for you. This session is 75 minutes long and includes complimentary bottled water. Please contact info@Studio7Yoga.com, to schedule your upcoming session. (Full 24 Hour notice required for cancellations or rescheduling. Any private sessions canceled or rescheduled less than 24 hours, will incur a $25 fee.)