Yoga 101

New to yoga? Start here with beginner yoga sequences, hands on instruction on foundational yoga poses, as well as proper alignment and modification options. We’ll do our best to answers to your questions on all the yoga basics, build strength and assist you as you take your yoga practice deeper.


With so many yoga styles and names to choose from, this Yoga class is just that; Yoga!  We will begin seated, as we prepare to breathe and flow in 60 minutes of yoga postures, closing our class with final relaxation. All levels are welcome.

Vinyasa Flow – Heated

This class is 60 minutes of strong yoga flow, in a moderately heated (80 degrees) studio; continuous movement through synchronized poses and breath.  We flow a little faster in this class; intermediate level + yoga experience recommended.


This Yin Yoga class begins with breathing exercises, followed by poses to warm the body, incorporating deep hip / shoulder/ heart poses. Poses are held thoughtfully and longer, to open and deepen our practice, mind and body.  Every class closes with brief Pranayama (breath) meditation and relaxation.  Perfect for anyone new to yoga, or as a complement to your current yoga practice. Beginner-Intermediate+ Level.


The duration of Meditation is for 30 minutes. This class is relaxed and easily approachable for everyone. Light stretching and movement for the body, a breathing practice for the mind, Meditation for stillness.

Barre Strength

Barre Strength incorporates resistance bands, Pilates balls, hand weights and isometric stability. Amazing class to build strength and sculpt the glutes! All levels welcome.

Barre Cardio

Barre Cardio classes are a burst of cardio intervals. Barre C is mixed with isometric moves, using Pilates balls, bands and light weights; to tone, strengthen and keep your heartbeat up while burning calories! All levels welcome.

Adaptive Yoga class

This class addresses students with a variety of needs (fibromyalgia, MS, arthritis) who are looking for a safe place to experience the multiple benefits of yoga. These benefits would include increased flexibility, greater sense of balance, moderate strengthening, and the ability to be present with, breath to achieve the optimum degree of healing.
**Please contact Studio 7Yoga should you have questions, or if you are uncertain if this class is the right fit for you.

Restorative Yoga

Emphasizing a compassionate and nurturing approach, this class encourages a safe and supportive environment to relax the body and mind for those who accumulate stress related to chronic body aches or an active lifestyle. Focusing on the intelligent movement of the spine in reclining poses, awareness of the breath. *Please contact Studio to schedule a consultation and/or private session.

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